Thursday, 28 March 2019

"Between" Generation

Recently I read a very interesting post about why 80's and early 90's kids should be ruling the world. Argument being that we have seen the world before internet and computers took over yet are capable of adapting to the current needs. We understand the previous generation based on old-school traditional values as well as Gen-next which believes in working smart and relies heavily on technology. I am not sure about ruling the world but it definitely made me think that there is a valid point, I never really thought of it that way!

Growing up technology and modern equipments paid a minimal role in our lives. It wasn't non-existential like in previous generation. I mean we did use TV, which was again limited owing to the fact that it had just one channel! We had at the most an hour of programmes for kids and we valued it. I wonder if it is as much fun to watch it when there are 20+ exclusive kids channels available at any given time of the day. Similarly we did use telephones, but it was for important occasions. I remember at new years or festivals we would call or eagerly wait for all the friends/family to call. The prices were high and each member would get hardly few minutes to talk but it was heartfelt and gave so much joy. Now even though call rates are often free, people often leave a half hearted "copied-forward-wish", which conveys nothing.

We are the bridge connecting the two generations who are poles apart. It doesn't mean we are the best at either one but are definitely capable of handling both. Something as simple as getting a taxi has become a herculean task for older generations. Even a five year old can book it through app nowadays but only we can understand why it might be confusing for a generation who needs to all of a sudden understand the concept of phone,internet, GPS, e-money and online payments! Kids who are born with these technologies don't understand why it should be complex and thus lack the patience required to teach pre-internet folks such supposedly simple tasks.

It's not just the technology which has changed, it's the entire philosophy towards life. Our parents believed in working hard, being honest, kind, generous and although we didn't always follow it, they were our idealistic guidelines. We bent these traditional values to suit our needs but the next generation are questioning its validity. Why should I care for others? Why should I work hard? I think that the answers such as "because it is the right thing to do..." will not work on them. They are going to be extremely rational and practical. Which is not a bad thing entirely but the concept is shockingly heartless for older generation.

Although I enjoy the benefits which the technological advancement has given us, I value the traditional old-school system. I am glad that I can converse with my nephew  about Minecraft (still a bit confusing) but at the same time I can talk with my grandmother reminiscing of bygone era. We can't control the way society evolves and even if we want to, we can't slow down the pace with which it is moving ahead. Sometimes it's all too much for me, I can only imagine how overwhelming it all must be for someone older. So when we move forward, let's not leave them behind. Because even if we don't realize, we need them more than they need us.