Thursday, 8 November 2018

Life of An Emotional Fool

I have often heard people complain about how tiring it is to have a family member or friend who is too "emotional". Let me tell you, if you think being with someone emotional is tiring, then being one is utterly exhausting!

As a kid, I thought my mom was a bit melodramatic(she still is) and that I was above that, I was the calm and composed person who didn't care about people. I wasn't entirely wrong. I mean I still don't care about "society" or "neighbours", but I realize that with age I have evolved into this emotional person who cares deeply about loved ones- both family and friends. It matters to me what they say or do and that in some weird twisted way I am like my mom more than I believed myself to be.

Being an emotional "sentimental"person has its own pros and cons. We feel too much, both happiness and pain. A simple surprise phone call from a long lost friend makes us much more happy than what's expected at the same time a casual rude remark from someone would unnecessarily upset us. It's a rollercoaster life overall, rest assured there won't be a dull moment if we end up in your life!

One of the common feature of an emotional people is that they are easy to read. Maybe not the entire picture but you get a jest of their mood by a single look at their face! We tend to be a bit more expressive, of course everyone has vibes but I guess in case of an emotional person it's much more strong. Like when my mom gets angry and stops talking, it would be pretty evident and it drives the whole house mad. We usually end up apologizing even if we don't mean it just so she can get back to her chirpy self again(sigh!).

Unfortunately you can't make a "non-senti" person understand why our mind works the way it does. Sometimes when I brood over something silly and slouch gloomily, my husband tries to convince me saying I should forget about it and cheer up. As if I haven't tried it! I desperately want to, but just can't! We are just genetically built this way! I often wonder how blissfull it must be not to be bothered about trivial things like sentiments. But is it so bad?

Being an emotional person is quite challenging, it definitely has it's lows but I know deep down that I would never want to be any other way. We need all kind of people in the world, sometimes it's good to have someone who demands little extra from you and insists on doing the same. Because sometimes an emotional fool is exactly what you need in your life.

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