Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Sometimes All You Need is a Change

Few days back, a cousin of mine suggested that I write about change. Although surprised initially it got me thinking, quite a lot. Usually when someone asks me to write about something, I ask them what exactly they have in mind to get some perspective. But somehow this time I didn't need an explanation. You see he had recently moved to Chennai to pursue his higher education and this is the first time he is away from everything he has ever known. A feeling most of us are quite familiar with and I couldn't help but feel a bit nostalgic.

Moving into a new city alone is such a life changing experience that mere words could never summarize the effect it has on us. You are simultaneously excited and panicked. No matter how tiresome and boring our life is, it's never easy to let go of that comfort zone we create around us. But then again a new environment gives us something unique..a chance to start over again. You can be whoever you want to be.

Often unknowingly we create a brand for ourselves, the kind of person we are and that creates certain expectations from "that" person. Like if I am an introvert, then people I grew up with, people who have always known me will emphasis on that character and I would find it extremely difficult to break from that stereotype. I mean I can't just walk into a room and talk to strangers! But that slate is wiped clean when you go to a new place. That's why it's very common to find people experiment more with themselves during the first few years of relocating.

You often hear the phrase "You have changed" being used when someone goes away from home. I don't think that's entirely true. People don't just change, they evolve and explore their true potential. Sometimes it's vital that they escape from that routine and all-so-familiar surrounding. If you think about it, that's the whole point of taking a vacation! You go somewhere far away, do things you wouldn't otherwise and have a good time. You break that wall of restrictions imposed by yourself and choose to stretch a leg. I think in that way relocating is same, of course unlike vacation here the feeling is coupled with fear and lonliness.

Because there will be times when you would be dejected, nights when you would crave for company and every strand of your strength would be tested. Days when absolutely nothing seems to be going your way and everything you touch fails miserably. And even though you may cry yourself to sleep, you will find the courage to drag yourself out of the bed next morning. Experiences like these always leave it's mark, you realize how strong you are and that no matter what you will survive.

Whether its a change of place, person or that of situation, it's an opportunity to explore yourself. But then again sometimes you don't need an excuse to change who we are, you can choose to redo your life right where you are, it's harder but not impossible. Everyone says Change is Inevitable in a negative tone. But I think change is vital, in fact it has a beauty like that of passing seasons. Take comfort in change, treasure it and cherish the changes you have undergone. Go ahead and try changes you always wanted. Life is not writings on the wall, it's more like writings on the sand. It's definitely going to wash away so don't hesitate to make mistakes and enjoy the sunset whilst it lasts.

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