Tuesday, 21 March 2017

My Candy Crush Saga!

I play Candy Crush. A lot. It's funny because I used to hate people who played on phone all the time. So how did it all start? Well like any other bad habit, there's always a friend. Of course it started with me making fun of her for playing something so silly. But then one fine day, out of desperation (when you are waiting for someone in public place and have absolutely nothing to do), I was forced to open "Candy Crush". And after 3 years and 877 levels, I am hooked..

It's quite mindless and monotonous. In fact, my husband refused to even call it a game since it has no strategy per se (to my utter annoyance). But over the years I have found a great comfort in this childish game and here are the top 3 reasons why..

1. Zombie mode

I have often observed that when I am playing, I am blank. Which may not seem impressive, but is actually impossible to attain in my case. I am constantly thinking. If am awake, I'm thinking. Which is not bad in general but there are times when I am depressed/angry/sad and just want to come out of that thought process. A quick game resets my mood to neutral! Which is good enough.

Note: Although not always viable sleeping is the time tested remedy to fix your mood.

2. Patience

Candy crush has many levels and after each episode you can either wait for 3 days for next level or "ask your friends" to help or "buy" your way out. So even though I am addicted to candy crush don't confuse it with someone who has lost her senses over it. Which basically means I never spend a penny over it. Or bother to send random requests to other people. So I wait. Eagerly for 72 hours( checking and rechecking every once in awhile) for the next level to unlock. Trust me it has really taught me patience!

3. Optimism

Candy crush has this amazing gameplay(or lack of it)  that even if you fail 10 times, you will eventually clear it. Seriously. As my husband says there is no strategy. Sometimes it's just luck. True, but isn't that's how life is? This may sound insane but there have been times when I have played same level for a week and at the end when I do clear (which you always do in candy crush world), I get this overwhelming feeling that in the end things always work out.

I do think it's a bit weird that I compare a stupid game with real life but the truth is it does makes me feel good at the end of the day. From helping me to fight that awkwardness of waiting alone to calming me down when I am furious, in its mindless way it has given me company. I know one day I will outgrow it but till then I love Candy Crush!  

PS: Please don't send me any candy crush request on facebook ! ;)

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