Thursday, 16 March 2017

Letter To My Husband

Dear Husband,

Today is just another casual day. It's not your birthday or valentines day. In fact our last anniversary we just had a low profile family lunch. But I always believed that marriage is the culmination of ordinary days made extra-ordinary for no reason. So today I want to thank you for some of the things which remain unsaid.

Thank you for being honest with me. For accepting that you are not a romantic person by nature. For not pretending to be someone else and giving me a chance to accept you the way you are.

Thank you for adjusting with me and welcoming me to share your room. Being a girl we are always told how a girl has to go through hardship of living in a stranger's house. But I am sure it takes a lot of effort from a guy as well to get used to someone else owning the room he has been living all his life.

Thank you for not being a selfie addict. Seriously. Or the kind who keeps playing with his phone in movies or the kind who thinks street food is uncool. I can't imagine my life without pani puri.

Thank you for understanding my needs as an individual. For not freaking out when I talk to my male single friends or meet up with them. It takes a strong man to be OK with that.

I know you are not good with words, and have a tendency to run away if someone cries in front of you. So thank you for holding me and not running away when those tears come flowing down.

Thank you for the respect you give me. It need not be expressed in words but I feel it in the way you treat me.

But more than anything, thank you for believing in me when I doubted myself. You always encouraged me to pursue my dreams and motivate me to work hard for it.

We are not perfect. But thank you for not being afraid to show your flaws and embracing mine. I know I am strong enough to survive on my own, that I could live alone. But it surely feels good to know that I don't have to do it the hard way. That I don't have to fight this harsh world alone. That someone would miss me if I were gone.

I don't have to write this letter in public and usually I am highly against sharing my intimate feelings in such forum. But I am sure there are many people reading this who feel the same way about someone. It could be your partner, parent, sibling or friend. But we don't take a moment to express how you feel about them, sometimes taking for granted that they know. But trust me it doesn't hurt to say somethings aloud. It need not be words, just small subtle gestures. But take an effort to convey your feelings once in awhile to people you love and care about.

You don't need a women's day, valentine's day or anniversary for that. If you are alive, it's good enough day!




  1. Wow..I am blessed that I have you in my are awesome

    1. Sorry I missed out on your comment..but thank you so much for such encouraging words :)