Tuesday, 21 March 2017

My Candy Crush Saga!

I play Candy Crush. A lot. It's funny because I used to hate people who played on phone all the time. So how did it all start? Well like any other bad habit, there's always a friend. Of course it started with me making fun of her for playing something so silly. But then one fine day, out of desperation (when you are waiting for someone in public place and have absolutely nothing to do), I was forced to open "Candy Crush". And after 3 years and 877 levels, I am hooked..

It's quite mindless and monotonous. In fact, my husband refused to even call it a game since it has no strategy per se (to my utter annoyance). But over the years I have found a great comfort in this childish game and here are the top 3 reasons why..

1. Zombie mode

I have often observed that when I am playing, I am blank. Which may not seem impressive, but is actually impossible to attain in my case. I am constantly thinking. If am awake, I'm thinking. Which is not bad in general but there are times when I am depressed/angry/sad and just want to come out of that thought process. A quick game resets my mood to neutral! Which is good enough.

Note: Although not always viable sleeping is the time tested remedy to fix your mood.

2. Patience

Candy crush has many levels and after each episode you can either wait for 3 days for next level or "ask your friends" to help or "buy" your way out. So even though I am addicted to candy crush don't confuse it with someone who has lost her senses over it. Which basically means I never spend a penny over it. Or bother to send random requests to other people. So I wait. Eagerly for 72 hours( checking and rechecking every once in awhile) for the next level to unlock. Trust me it has really taught me patience!

3. Optimism

Candy crush has this amazing gameplay(or lack of it)  that even if you fail 10 times, you will eventually clear it. Seriously. As my husband says there is no strategy. Sometimes it's just luck. True, but isn't that's how life is? This may sound insane but there have been times when I have played same level for a week and at the end when I do clear (which you always do in candy crush world), I get this overwhelming feeling that in the end things always work out.

I do think it's a bit weird that I compare a stupid game with real life but the truth is it does makes me feel good at the end of the day. From helping me to fight that awkwardness of waiting alone to calming me down when I am furious, in its mindless way it has given me company. I know one day I will outgrow it but till then I love Candy Crush!  

PS: Please don't send me any candy crush request on facebook ! ;)

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Letter To My Husband

Dear Husband,

Today is just another casual day. It's not your birthday or valentines day. In fact our last anniversary we just had a low profile family lunch. But I always believed that marriage is the culmination of ordinary days made extra-ordinary for no reason. So today I want to thank you for some of the things which remain unsaid.

Thank you for being honest with me. For accepting that you are not a romantic person by nature. For not pretending to be someone else and giving me a chance to accept you the way you are.

Thank you for adjusting with me and welcoming me to share your room. Being a girl we are always told how a girl has to go through hardship of living in a stranger's house. But I am sure it takes a lot of effort from a guy as well to get used to someone else owning the room he has been living all his life.

Thank you for not being a selfie addict. Seriously. Or the kind who keeps playing with his phone in movies or the kind who thinks street food is uncool. I can't imagine my life without pani puri.

Thank you for understanding my needs as an individual. For not freaking out when I talk to my male single friends or meet up with them. It takes a strong man to be OK with that.

I know you are not good with words, and have a tendency to run away if someone cries in front of you. So thank you for holding me and not running away when those tears come flowing down.

Thank you for the respect you give me. It need not be expressed in words but I feel it in the way you treat me.

But more than anything, thank you for believing in me when I doubted myself. You always encouraged me to pursue my dreams and motivate me to work hard for it.

We are not perfect. But thank you for not being afraid to show your flaws and embracing mine. I know I am strong enough to survive on my own, that I could live alone. But it surely feels good to know that I don't have to do it the hard way. That I don't have to fight this harsh world alone. That someone would miss me if I were gone.

I don't have to write this letter in public and usually I am highly against sharing my intimate feelings in such forum. But I am sure there are many people reading this who feel the same way about someone. It could be your partner, parent, sibling or friend. But we don't take a moment to express how you feel about them, sometimes taking for granted that they know. But trust me it doesn't hurt to say somethings aloud. It need not be words, just small subtle gestures. But take an effort to convey your feelings once in awhile to people you love and care about.

You don't need a women's day, valentine's day or anniversary for that. If you are alive, it's good enough day!



Friday, 3 March 2017

What's Wrong With Us?

No matter how optimistic I try to be, I wake up everyday to hear some horrendous news around the world. As if the entire fiasco in USA is not enough, closer home things aren't looking bright either.

Last week we went on our yearly pilgrimage to Goa, well the place really does bring lot of peace and happiness to us. And even though I love the place, I can't help but notice a kind of double standard experienced in many of the restaurants/hotels. Things are a lot more "nicer" if you are a "white". They are such subtle things that you may not even notice it if you are visiting the place first few times. For example waiter is more attentive or generous with smile or just the attitude they have towards you. And it is a no-brainer why it happens, most of them tip well. And by well, you have to remember that when you convert from dollars to rupees even peanuts becomes humongous!  Lot of people from western countries look down upon you, and you can't do much about it but it hurts to see that even in your own country you are given second preference!

And then there is other extreme, where Tamil Nadu decides to ban Coca Cola and Pepsi in order to promote local products. The excuse they are giving is that these brands are "toxic". Really? And how do these local brands plan to make soft drinks healthy? Are they suggesting that everything available in the market are healthy? What about cigarettes and alcohol? My intention is not to ban cigarettes as well but that at the end it is the decision taken by consumer what they want to do. I mean I personally don't drink soft drinks but that is my choice. Why do you have to ban other products to sell your product? That's just a cheap trick. And how is this different from situation in US where these pseudo-patriots want outsiders to leave their nation?

As a nation you should aspire to promote yourself ahead of outsiders, but that doesn't mean you  forcefully ban everyone else (at least not in a democratic nation). I think as an Indian we should first learn to respect ourselves. If we wouldn't respect ourselves and our fellow citizens, how do you expect outsiders to do the same? That said there is a huge scope of improvement in the way we execute our ideas. Instead of trying to bring down others, how about we try to promote our products in a better way. Like a majority of people think "Burgers" are cool but "Vada Pav" is strict no-no! Most of the times it's just the mindset. Another huge problem we face is the quality of our products. The notion is that Indian products are low in quality. Although it's a very generic statement but I am sure you are getting the crux of our problem. These are the issues which cannot be resolved overnight but the problems won't go away until we try to solve them from the root cause instead of just trying to enforce some stupid ban.

A nation cannot change until each individual decides to contribute in its course. You and me don't have the power to change law but then again we don't have to wait for some official imposition to make some change. Start with something small, next time you go to supermarket give a try to some local products. Only if you are completely satisfied by the result continue the product. And please don't assume someone is better off than you just because their english is better than yours!