Friday, 10 February 2017

Just My Luck!

There are people who don't believe in luck. I am not one of them. And it's not because I was born unlucky or bad things kept happening for no reason. In fact, growing up I realized I had "above-average" luck. But from past few days I have been experiencing some real shit luck. And for someone who is not used to it, it's more annoying!

Have you had those days when everything that can go wrong, goes wrong? You know if you are lucky you happen to be in right place at right time, well in "shit-luck" you end up in wrong place at the wrong time! First few times I was in denial and thought it must be coincidence, but when you have more and more of these "coincidences", you realize something is terribly wrong with your luck. So I have been feeling a bit low lately and was talking to my husband (cribbing to be exact) about my state and he said luck is like sine waves! It goes up and down periodically..

Apparently when you are at downfall, you should keep kicking and fighting against all odds till you turn your luck around. Sigh! It feels like a lot of hard work. Suddenly I feel sad for people who have prolonged periods of bad luck. Till now I never understood how it feels to put your everything, do everything right and still no result. I mean usually when things don't work out it's because I didn't work hard enough and that didn't make me feel miserable (although it should). Somehow you feel you are the one in control of situation, but this, this feels horrible!

They say everythings happens for good, so maybe these tough times will help me in ways unforeseen by my shortsighted vision. Maybe it's all about perspective and not about good or bad (it sure doesn't feel good right now!). Sometimes I feel comfort in knowing am not the only one having bad luck that there are so many people struggling with it. Does it make me a bad person? I don't know but atleast it makes me feel less lonely.

So till my sine wave turns up I am going to kick hard and refuse to give up so easily. Sometimes things go wrong for a reason or maybe there is no reason, sometimes life just sucks. But life doesn't end with it. So we just have to drag ourselves up and get over it. I feel better already!

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Misadventures In Beauty Parlor

I don't go to salon that often. You see one really needs a lot of motivation to maintain appearances when you don't have to go to office and face any judgemental eyes! So who cares if your eyebrows are little bushy?? Besides my salon visits almost always ends up in catastrophe..

Like the other day, I went and asked for a clean-up. The lady assigned to me started some preparatory work, after few minutes she calls another lady and talks in their native language (they happen to be from north east) all the while looking at me. Then the other lady shakes her head and makes a gesture as if refusing and they both stand in front of me having some kind of argument. Now at this point am staring at them trying to understand what seems to be the problem because they are obviously talking about me. It was so awkward that after a while I had to ask if everything is okay because in my head am wondering if she is new and has no clue how to do a clean-up! I mean it is really annoying when people talk in front of you in different language even though they can converse in language known to all (and have the audacity to not even pretend it's not about you!).

Every girl knows that when you go for a haircut, your hairs gets much shorter than you expected. So when you say you want a trim, some 4 inch gets chopped off! And I am not being paranoid when I say that it is possible that you get your eyebrows chopped off accidently too. Because it happened to me, well at least a good portion of it. It may be funny now but not so funny when you have a wedding to attend in couple of hours.

On another occasion I decided to get hair streaks. I am sure getting a color yellow on my head never crossed my mind, but that's what I ended up with because the person concerned tried experimenting with colors! For next 6 months, I watched my hair change color from yellow to shades of brown I never knew existed. Am still waiting for my natural jet black to come back.

Not to mention that on my wedding reception day, I looked like a geisha! I mean we had an actual japanese lady in guest list and I looked fairer than her! The whole make up  looked so tacky that I had tears in my eyes which had somehow eluded on my wedding day. I had to put filters in my pic(above) to hide the horrendous whitewashed complexion.

But more often than not my husband finds my trips to parlor amusing and somehow I have started taking a less offensive attitude towards it as well. I mean eventually with time everything goes back to its original state. So what if my hairs are shorter or eyebrows a tad out of proportion, it will grow back soon. And just like that one fine day you wake up to a breakthrough moment when you realize that a lot of things are too trivial to be fussed over. Getting few things wrong is not the end of the world.So what if you picked a bad restaurant or wrong movie to watch. It's not the last time you are doing these things. We often waste time trying to do things perfect and lose out on things which matters. And by the way no matter how hard you try, things are going to go bad that's what makes it life.

That said, I stopped making last moment visits to salons before functions because that's not "embracing life", that's just stupid.