Friday, 25 November 2016

Verses From My Old Diary

So yesterday, I stumbled upon my old diary among other relics buried deep inside my bookshelf! Gazing through the pages brought back so many memories, a peek inside the mind of younger me. 

I used to scribble verses, and write about mundane things in life. Even though I am the one who wrote it, somehow it felt as if I was reading very private thoughts of someone else. I felt excited, nervous, ecstatic and even sad for the girl who poured her heart into those pages.

The diary covers the timespan from April 2004 to Jan 2010, so it's going to take me a long time to finish reading it! Obviously I won't be sharing any of the entries but I think I have grown enough to share some of the poems I wrote..

I had named the below poem as "Let the curtain Rise", I guess I was quite dramatic ;)

Why do we live a life
So made up and strife,
That when we look in the mirror
We find a stranger staring back.

Why do we always wear a mask
Afraid to show our true self
Ashamed of our imperfections and weaknesses
The very things which makes

But with each passing day, 
All we ever achieve is
Improve our acting skills
Crave for applause and acceptance.

Why can't we be just ourselves?
Why can't we be one among the audience
Who is free to do as he please
While the play goes on...

I don't know why I stopped writing in diary, may be I got too busy with life or grew out of that dreamy phase in life. I would never know for sure. Although, I would like to believe it's because I found people with whom I could share those intimate thoughts..


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