Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Meghalaya - A walk through the Abode of Clouds

Wakaba Falls

Pleasant climate, mountains, lakes, lots of waterfall, good-looking people who also happen to be extremely well dressed and chic. These are first few things you will notice after entering Meghalaya, some 100 km away from humid Guwahati.

We chose to stay in Shillong and move around to neighbouring places in taxi. And that's how we met "Ricky" - our driver/tour guide who was so effortlessly charming that we soon realized we weren't the only one spellbound. Everywhere we went he was greated with love and affection. Often when we entered a shop we were quoted "tourist" price, but then Ricky would come, mumble something in Khasi (local language) and Voila! Just like that price comes down to half!

So three of us, in Alto 800 (which is surprisingly comfortable) started our endeavour to cover Mawlynnong, Dawki and Cherrapunji.

I could describe the beauty of Meghalaya in words but am afraid my talent as a writer would not do justice, so I am instead relying on the pictures and hope you get a glimpse of what we saw.

 Umiam Lake

View of Umiam Lake from top

Our next stop was Mawlynnong  which holds the record for one of the cleanest villages in Asia. The village itself is quite small and simple. One of the attraction is Living Root Bridge, which I swear will remind you of movie Avatar. In fact, a lot of places in north-east has "Avatar" feel to it.

Mawlynnong Village

Living Root Bridge

Our visit to Dawki was not as successful unfortunately. You see Dawki is famous for it's boating in Umngot river, which is supposed to be clear water and looks stunning. But problem with mountain region is, if it rains anywhere nearby the entire water gets muddy. And that's what happened on the day we visited.

Dawki Bridge

Dawki is also the border between India and Bangladesh.  Although, honestly speaking this is one of the most uneventful borders you will see.

Cherrapunji was quite a surprise, to begin with it was not raining (it's one of the wettest place on the Earth), and what I absolutely loved is Caves! When we bought tickets for Mawsmai Cave, we didn't have anything in mind. I mean we didn't google about the place, and that was for the best. Because it was such a unique experience.

Some retrospection in Mawsmai Caves!

And if you have only one night in Shillong, do visit 'Shillong Cafe'. They have live music and you never know who you run into! We had the honor of meeting Lou Majaw (renowned for his Bob Dylan tributes) and enjoy a beautiful evening with his soulful voice seeping through our hearts.

I love Shillong. Not for it's scenic beauty (and the place is stunning!), but because it very laid back like Bangalore. I could totally see myself living there.

Our return journey was through helicopter and take my word for it that is was "AWESOME"! (Except for a short while when we went through thick clouds and I thought we were going to crash).

But I couldn't help but smile at the time we spent at this beautiful place, a place where people valued food, music, clothing and such simple pleasures of life. And suddenly life seemed a lot simple. I returned to Guwahati a happy woman!

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