Thursday, 1 September 2016

Why I want to be an Artist ?

It's my dream to become an artist. I am not sure when this love affair with art started but from past one year it's been pretty serious! So yesterday when I was asked by someone "Why do you want to become an artist?" I thought that's going to be easy right? Wrong.

I actually had a really tough time framing my answer. I had all these reasons coming in my mind but nothing which could exactly express my true feelings. You see asking someone why do you want to do it, is like asking why do you love? You could give countless reasons about what you like about a person, but that's just an excuse you come up with after you are in love with something/someone. Truth is you don't pick with whom you fall in love, you are pulled to it like a tide to an ocean! Even if you try hopelessly to ignore, there is no escape.

Although I can try to explain what I love about it. Imagine you are walking across a road and you see something beautiful, you are so happy and moved by it that you feel a need to share it with your loved ones or friends. So you take a picture of it and share. Now in this case the medium is photography - which is a kind of visual art. But sometimes, you see things which other can't (not in a spooky way). I mean an artist can find beauty in things which are often overlooked by common people. For example when you look at a painting of a flower, you are not looking at the real flower but an artists interpretation.

Like a writer, an artist is telling you a story. Sharing his/her most personal and intimate emotions with you, only difference is that in the art world there is no rule. I think an artist gets more freedom than anyone else in the world! In the real world, sky is blue and fishes swim in water but for an artist it can fly high in a green sky! I know for most none of this makes any sense, but sometimes it need not.

You see in this practical world, where we live to survive and make life more and more efficient, arts may not fit in. Of course an artwork is not going to feed you or provide shelter (for most). In fact, you can live an absolutely comfortable life without ever laying an eye on an artwork or listening to music. But is that what we should aim for? As human beings we are gifted with this unique ability to appreciate subtle things in life which are beyond "surviving". Unlike most of the other animals, we have needs beyond physical, we need to feed our mind and soul. We shouldn't be satisfied by just surviving life like a rat on the street! We should explore our potential and have pride in those differences which makes us different than any other species on this planet.

So why do I want to be an artist? I don't know. I don't know why I love art or why it pulls me towards it even though  I when tried to stay away. I honestly tried loving engineering/software or anything "practical" which would help me earn some decent money! But I failed, quite miserably (just like I failed to love coffee!).

 That's when I realized, that when you love something wholeheartedly all you can do is embrace it and let it take you wherever it wants. Be an artist at heart and let your life be your spectacular masterpiece.

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