Wednesday, 27 July 2016

S.O.S - God Help Us!

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I am a moderately religious person. Which means that I do believe in God, deity worship, occasional visits to temple etc etc. But I think I lack a sense of blind faith. I don't agree with many aspects of religious practices and although I don't mock them, I am mildly curious and open to discussions. Haven't you ever wished that someone could give a sensible explanation to hundreds of rituals we are supposed to follow?

I know there are answers in holy books and so-called "holy gurus", but somehow they often give very indirect and twisted replies which sounds too high-level to us common folks. Maybe one day google could answer, " Is God for real?? " or " Does he/she is actually he/she? Alas! If only things were that simple...

Last week I saw a documentary where an entire hour was spent tracking the path taken by Lord Ram in Ramayana! That's when I realized that a whole lot of people literally believe everything written in holy books unlike me who saw them more in metaphoric sense.

But what is the truth? Someone wise once said that "truth is just a matter of perception". Very wise indeed, I spent quite a few years happily believing those words. Until the day I happen to watch "Cloud Atlas". For those who are not aware of this movie - Forget about it. I spent 3 hours and was as clueless as a lost duck! Anyway in the movie someone said "Truth is singular. Its versions are mistruth". Hmm..interesting.Well, the more I thought about it, more confused I ended up (at this point you can ask -who cares?).

What really bothers me is the double standards set up by the same society who cling to each and every word written in these scripts. I mean how is it okay for Krishna to have a girlfriend (all the while flirting with other girls- including hiding their clothes when they were taking bath!) whereas even casual dating is looked down upon for us mere humans. I know there is a story behind that too, but somehow not convincing enough for me.

Religion and religious practices are supposed to bring us closer to God (or our true self if you are an atheist) but somehow something is going terribly wrong in its execution. Maybe that's why more and more people are drifting away from "religion". I wish there were more people who helped us decipher this complex subject and made it more people-friendly!

So although I don't understand or completely believe these countless stories and legends, I find them very intriguing and hope that one day I can demystify it.

When I imagine God I see him as a very happy, wise and peaceful (yes, powerful too) persona who doesn't get angry even if we forget him on a normal day-to-day basis. I don't think he is possessive, demanding or the kind who gets angry and takes revenge when displeased. But then again, I could be wrong (and God could be very offended right now!).

Meanwhile could someone explain me how Lakshman Rekha works? I mean you could always come from back right? Wouldn't it be more sensible to have Lakshman Circle?

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