Thursday, 3 March 2016

Wish I Was Young (-er) !

I am in my late twenties and would most probably get whacked by someone for saying," Wish I was young"! So let me clarify that by young I mean school days or even college for that matter.

Now I don't deny that I miss younger-skin-effortless-stayfit days (sigh..) day dreaming about your future life or listening to music whole night (even in class for that matter) or when shopping was about street shopping and lot of window shopping. I still remember when at the peak of Harry Potter fever (just after the release of 5th book), someone in class managed to get a copy through friends-friends-friend and each of us would get one night to read. I am sure nowadays parents would buy an expensive book without a second thought but those days we wouldn't even dare raise such a request. And it was fun in its own way because that day I realized I could finish 766 pages in one night!

There are countless such memories, and I relive them time to time. But the thing which I miss the most is spending time with my friends. Yes of course I still have friends, and we meet up occasionally and talk to each other once in a while but I am sure you know what I am talking about. Those were the days when your day started with friends and ended with them. A time when your life revolved around them (much to the annoyance of your family).

As we grow up, we loose something and gain something. We gain experience, which is very important because it brings us closer to reality, makes us more aware of the workings of the world. But we loose innocence and to a great extent- optimism. Let me give you an example, when I was a kid I wanted to be an astronomer (Yes, I am serious). But back then I didn't see why I couldn't? All I understood was that I have to study well and keep pursuing science! Even today I could technically pursue that dream, but my mind instantly lists out all the cons (Ain't I too old to pursue it? Which college to study? Would I even clear the entrance? How feasible is to even try something like this? etc etc..)

I miss being super optimistic. I miss being ignorant of the worldly affairs. You see, to a kid everything is possible. But somehow as we grow up we fool ourselves into believing otherwise.

So I often feel nostalgic and miss old me. But I can't reverse time and to be honest I don't even want to. Instead, I am going to take the liberty of picking up few things from the past and carrying it with me as a souvenir.

So next time you hear yourself say,"Wish I was young" , remember that all that is stopping you is "You!". That younger version of you is still inside you, making sure that you see the endless opportunities you have in life. Don't let yourself be overshadowed by "reality".

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