Friday, 13 November 2015


Photo: GrahamAndDairne

Travelling far and wide
I look for a world unknown,
All I see is empty space untouched by time
not a soul around, not even my own shadow

I will not perish.
I will survive.

I wander not to explore
the wild sea or mystic oceans,
but to discover myself
To reunite with eternity.

Days stretch to months..years..
I have lost count of time,
But every time  I watch the sun rise
I gaze with awe and muster the courage to carry on

I will not perish.
I will survive.

Like a lone sailor on his voyage,
On the quest for enlightenment,
I sail through these misty breeze
trying to evade these treacherous currents.

Storms come and leave me broken,
But I have learnt to heal my wings and fly,
On these bleak moonless nights,
I have learnt to follow the path laid by stars.

I don't know how long it will be
before I reach my destination.
But till that day, my friend...

I will not perish.
I will survive.

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