Thursday, 17 September 2015

7 Ways to Survive a Bad Day

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It's inevitable that you have a bad day once in a while. Day when everything that could go wrong goes wrong. You find yourself in series of unfortunate events which leaves you in foul mood. It could be because of anything, in fact sometimes there is no logical reason for you to feel a bit shit. Here's a few tips for you to turn your crappy day to a happy day!

1. Swearing is Not the Worst thing You can Do

Now before you get all judgmental, let me clarify that I know screaming and swearing is not a strongest display of character. In fact, most people would suggest meditating to get rid of bad day but then who are we kidding? we aren't one of those enlightened beings ( yet!). So feel free to swear ( a lot) and let go off all the frustration.

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2. Pamper Yourself

No matter how bad a day you are having there is always something you can do to pamper yourself. Indulge in a luxury bath or treat yourself with chocolate. Even if rest of the world is treating you like shit, you are the master of yourself.

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3. Take a Nap

When you sleep you are not in this world. Dream world makes all the bad things go away. Well, it is kind of burying your head in the sand but guess what, world is not going to standstill just because you sleep for couple of minutes (or hours)!

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4. Plan Your Vacation

This may sound silly but works wonderfully! No matter how many months you have to survive before you get even a 3 day long weekend there is no harm in planning your vacation. It need not be elaborate, just an outline of what kind of place you want to go, hill station or maybe beach...and before you know that depressing aura is lifted!

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5. Good Food is Good Mood

First step to get instant happiness is awesome-blow-your-mind food. It varies from person to person so pick anything from your " I love it" food list and forget about everything else.

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6. Watch something Funny

Although you may feel your life itself is a joke under the circumstances, it helps to laugh out loud. Watch a hilarious no-brainer movie or at least a funny dog video. By the end of it, world is a happy place again :)

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7. Relax, it's Not the End of the World

No matter how long you feel the day has been it will get over. And with that, curse of bad day will wear off and tomorrow will be a better day. Remember, you have to fight through some bad days to earn the best days of your life.

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