Tuesday, 4 August 2015

How much is too much?

We all take risks. Whether its on high adrenaline activities like bunjee jumping,a ride in amusement park or something as mundane as crossing a road. We know a lot of things we use in our everyday lives are not good. But we don't take it seriously. We know cosmetics ( including soap, detergents, shampoos) are harsh on skin. We know plastics are harmful and possibly carcinogenic. We know all the smoke and pollution around is making us unhealthy every second. We know radiations from cellphones are doing us no good. Then why are we not reacting?

Few of the reasons why we brush it off -
  • Change is difficult - We hate to come out of our comfort zone. We have got used to all these commodities. Mere thought of life without mobile is insane!
  • It's not my problem - It's a normal human tendency to worry about only things which concerns them. As long as me and people I care about are fine nothing else matters. I mean why should I worry if my neighbor gets sick.
  • What other option do I have? - I do dislike plastics but how else am I suppose to survive in supermarket? Or wash my hair without shampoo? Or go out without a sunscreen?
  • UnAwareness - We think knowing whats harmful for us is enough. But are you aware how harmful they could be? For example if I were to go to a smoker and say that smoking is bad for health, how seriously do you think he is going to take me? But if instead I said, " There is a 75% chance of you getting lung cancer" Now that message would be heard louder. If only we had numbers to prove these theories.
  • Everything is destiny - I, for one, believe in it enormously. So every time I read one of these statistics about growing health crisis would say, everything is fate, if I am destined to fall sick I would. We cannot live our lives thinking about all these small issues.

But I was WRONG.

Recently I watched a documentary called "The Human experiment" and it brought back all nightmares which I had consciously buried deep inside. And suddenly all the above excuses didn't make any sense. I know it's not going to be easy and changes I make would be tiny at a time. But I am ready to do that. Maybe I can't completely avoid plastics, but I want to reduce it to minimal. Use eco-friendly products as much as possible. Even a minor contribution could cause massive change to environment in long run. I don't want to wait till I become a victim. Do you?

Getting drenched in an unexpected rain is destiny, on a monsoon is careless.

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