Thursday, 20 August 2015

Confessions of a Substitute Gardener

    (A view from our garden)

I don't particularly enjoy gardening. In fact I don't like anything which results in me + mud + water. That said, I do love the end results. I love living in a house with big garden. So you see, it's inevitable that once in a while I get stuck with watering the plants. Here's a few things which any first timer is bound to face

1. Pray every night for Rain

A single most event which can magically get rid of all the work assigned.

    Photo credit: Swong

2. Twisted pipe syndrome

For some reason pipes love to get twisted and cut the water supply. So if water suddenly stops look for a bent or else next thing which would happen is worst.

Photo credit: theilr

3. Classic Water Burst

Sometimes as a result of high pressure (often caused from twisted pipe syndrome), pipe joints tear apart soaking everything on the way. 
On rare occasions, you may encounter motor burst and other technical issues in which case you may be forced to return to " pour-from-bucket" procedure.

 Photo credit : Nick Harris

4. Accidental Kill

No matter how careful you think you are, there are pretty good chances you will kill a plant. Most common cause - overwatering (who knew!). No matter how hard you try to root it back, you know it's futile. Sigh..all you can hope for is to find someone else to blame (rain -if you are lucky).

 Photo credit: Mark Robinson

5. Fall in love

No matter how cumbersome the entire affair is and how desperate you are to get rid of this chore, by the end of it you would fall in love with them just a little bit. Those pretty green things with colorful flowers and occasional bees and butterflies. You just feel good and suddenly your faith in nature is restored ( yes even with muddy feet). 

 Photo credit: Lalit

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  1. reks..appreciate your honesty!!!. got to knot to know there are other options than waiting for rain :-)..good one!!!