Thursday, 13 August 2015

Chronicles of a Wandering Child


It has not been long since I started saying unhesitatingly that I am a Bangalorean. After all I have spent most of my adult life (14 years to be exact) in this beautiful city. Till then whenever addressed with question, " where are you from?" my answer was something like, "I am basically from Kerala but I grew up in Punjab, Gujarat, Assam. I have never stayed in Kerala except vacations."

I was born in a defense family. My dad was in Air Force and for the rest of my life I will always refer non-defense folks as "civilians". As a kid I never felt home sick because I was never attached to a "home". We moved around a lot. My dad would be posted at a station ( for future reference it means air force base) for 4-5 years and even when in a town we shifted house every now and then, sometimes even weeks apart. Of course that included shifting schools. I am a " KV product" . Made lots of friends, lost many and still in touch with few. Life was different as compared to "Bangalore days".

The best part was to visit all these places and become a part of their culture which somehow you never get to do when travelling on vacations. I miss all of it. From Punjabi hospitality to Gujarati chaats to mind-blowing beauty of Assam. Looking back I see my childhood filled with colors, laughs and experiences which I would have never had if not for our travelling.

I don't want to forget any of those moments but sometimes when we bury memories too deep inside they get lost. So I want to log at least the most notable memories I have...Hope you enjoy..

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