Thursday, 16 July 2015


Who doesn't crib every now and then. I know I do (even though I would never accept it in front of others). It gives me a sense of comfort. I mean if I can't change the situation (sometimes I am just too lazy to) I crib. We crib about work, traffic, politics, less's an endless list. It's how we Indians connect to each other. You are stuck in traffic and think out loud " This signal is always bad" and person next to you says, " government should do something about it". Voila! you have made yourself an ally, suddenly you feel little bit better. Next 10 mins are spent complaining about sad state of roads and you are ready to go. Seriously it's fine to hear someone complain once in a while. But there is a thick line beyond which it gets downright annoying.

I am sure you would have come across atleast one " constant cribber" in your life. How do you know one ? Oh you will know right way when you meet one. They would be always complaining..on and on and on..

Here are few examples which could have happened to you as well -

[ It rains on a summer ]

You:   It's such a relief from heat.
CRB:  Now it will be doubly hot tomorrow. It always happens like this, why did it had to rain (cribs                  for next 5 min..)

[ It's a bright and sunny day during monsoon ]

You:  Wow..clear sky after long time.
CRB: This year there is no rain. We are going to have shortage of water soon. It is all because of                  global warming! (..continue cribbing..)

[ Eating a mouth watering meal at a restaurant ]

You:  This food is delicious.
CRB:  yeah it is good, but the one we had at other place was so much better. Waiter over here is not            prompt and so difficult to get parking..( have lost your appetite)

A cribber is a noisier version of pessimist. They are like a black hole who suck away all the merriment from atmosphere instantly. I mean initially it's funny, you listen, laugh a little, give feedback but soon you are like " give me a break" (in your head of course). There is a difference between really being concerned about things and just complaining for the sake of it.

Although it's not always as irritating as it sounds. Sometimes, I go to a cribber and say something which I know would be followed by whining. So it's fun to anticipate what exactly it's gonna be this time, like a " guess- what's -next" ! (an inside game I play with myself). On several occasions I have envisioned banging my head to the nearest wall. Please don't tell me you haven't.

I am sure most of us are unaware half the time we do it, but the moment you realize it, STOP (or atleast after few min). Firstly, grumbling doesn't change a thing. Secondly nobody cares, so if you can't be positive atleast be quiet. But if you are on the receiving end of a cribber and god forbid you cannot escape, put on a polite face and start day dreaming (mmm..where shall I plan my next vacation..) !

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