Monday, 25 May 2015

Little Birdie

Hey little birdie what do you see
when you look across the blue sky
do you see it for all its glory
or do you fret yourself with a hue and cry

I try so hard to read your mind
do you know how pretty you look
with your wings so fragile, you glide on and on
oh how I adore waking up to your soft melody

Do you have any friends my darling
do they sing and fly with you into this boundless sky
Or are you all alone humming to yourself
waiting for your lover to come home

But you were always a wild little thing isn't it
did you regret not being fed and pampered
do you envy us with all our fancy clothes and lavish homes
or do you feel pity on us

Tell me little birdie what do you see
when you look across the blue sky...

Friday, 15 May 2015

Why I envy Jimmy!

Jimmy is our 17-year old Pomeranian dog. He is extremely old and has lost much of his vigour. Poor chap has hardly any teeth left, almost deaf and on the verge of blindness! But then why do I envy him?

1. If there is one thing Jimmy loves more than my dad then it is his chicken. He simply loves it. And it doesn't matter whether he cant chew any anymore he will swallow it after one or two lame attempts to bite. But he must have his chicken or guy goes for hunger strike. And of course there are his desserts. Our dog has bit of a sweet tooth. I keep telling he is bound to have diabetes after eating so much sweets! But then you see there lies the difference. We worry too much about our health. When was the last time you went on guilt-free eating spree of your favorite food? I don't know if its good or bad that we are so health conscious, but when I see him eat his food so happily I envy.

2. Jimmy gets away with mistakes by simply giving "puppy eyes". I am telling you, that dog is smarter than we give him credit for. He knows exactly how to melt your heart and pull the right strings. He knows when he has broken that vase accidentally for which he will get scolded. But just when you raise your voice, Voila! that look again and before you know it you are all cuddly with culprit. Sigh...if only I could get away like that.

3. Jimmy gets to bark at our gardener whom he absolutely dislikes. Now am not suggesting that I want to bark! But he gets to be brutally honest with everyone. There are no greys in his life, things are a lot simple. If he doesn't like someone, he barks on their face and if he likes a person he will cheerfully play around and show his affection. And if someone doesn't interest him, he blankly ignores and goes to sleep. Alas! our world is bit more complex than that. We are often left with no choice but to entertain whom we find most annoying.

4. I worry about the present state of our economy. About current health hazards, earthquakes, accidents, security.. Oh there are countless things we all worry about. And more often it is the future that we worry about. But not Jimmy. Dog unlike man lives in present. Jimmy doesn't care if it's going to rain  and he won't be able to go for his walk. No. He lives for the day. If only I could be that carefree.

5. And finally, I envy his capacity to love. For 17 years he has loved his master. But even now he unabashedly shows his affection. The way he keeps his eyes fixed on door whenever dad is away. Those eyes have nothing but unconditional love. How is it that even after all these years he doesn't find it unnecessary to jump around when dad comes backs, even if it is only from grocery store! It makes me feel ashamed of myself about how we take things for granted. I am fluent in 3 languages then why is it that this dog who cannot talk, be able to communicate and express his love better than I do? Why is that I never call the people I dearly care for and say that I care for them? Why don't I tell my parents that I love them? Why is it so difficult for us to communicate when Jimmy does it so effortlessly every single day of his life..

That's why I envy Jimmy.

Monday, 4 May 2015

Why do we fear?

We fear what we do not understand. I always believed it to be true. Most of us are scared of "unknown". Too scared to take the path because we don't know what lies ahead. We fear the uncertainty and unpredictability of life. And lastly, we fear death. So we use every possible resource at our disposal to understand the everything around us. We use science as means to provide explanations. Because we are rational beings and it goes against our reasoning to stay idly when ignorance is threat. Unfortunately, even if we try to understand , we would never be able to unveil all the mysteries of the world.

But one day I saw something astonishing. I saw a deadly snake laying across the street. No one had the courage to even cross the street but suddenly a child came running and tried to grab hold of it! It was by mere stroke of luck that the mother managed to grab hold of child and a catastrophe was averted. But it got me thinking,why wasn't that kid scared like rest of us? Was it because he was braver than us?  No, the answer was, the child was unaware of the potential danger.

People develop fear as a result of learning. I think sometimes we get scared because we are well too aware of what is to come. We fear our future not just because we don't know but because we know what may happen. We fear strangers not because we are unaware of them but because we are aware they could pose a threat to our life. It is true that we don't understand death completely, but that's not entirely why we are afraid of it. I think we know that death is the end of life as we know it, that it would take us away from our loved ones and we fear knowing that.

Knowledge could be a very powerful tool. But it has its own pros and cons. Just like time you can't undo knowledge. You can pretend to be unaware of it, but you can never put it back. But that doesn't mean we stop our pursuit of knowledge. We should learn to embrace our fears just like we embrace knowledge. After all fear is natural, fear is sometimes good, it just means we are growing and that there is something we deeply care about.

Friday, 1 May 2015

Love Ballad

I will love you till eternity, I wont say
That I will love you more than any, I wont say
But I will love you till my last breath, I promise
That I will love you with all my heart and soul, I promise.

I will shower you with all the happiness in the world, I wont say
That you will never shed a tear , I wont say
But I will share all my happiness and pain, I promise
That I will wipe away all your tears, I promise

I will bring down the sun and star, I wont say
That I will place world in your palms, I wont say
But you will remain my sun and my star, I promise
That I will place my world in your palm, I promise

I will give you a perfect life, I wont say
That I will be perfect, I wont say
But I will give you an honest life with passion and respect, I promise
That I will be a better person and give you the best of me, I promise