Friday, 17 April 2015

Beef for Thought

I recently came across an interesting article about ban on beef in Maharashtra. It said " Act will ban the slaughter of bulls as well as bullocks, which was previously allowed based on a fit-for-slaughter certificate. It will, however, allow slaughter of water buffaloes, which provides carabeef — generally seen as an inferior quality meat.."

This is quite amusing and saddening at the same time not just because it goes against secularism but also from "animals perspective" ( If they were to have one). I mean it's totally unfair that some animals are given preference over other. If you are not a cow, bull or bullock you are born unlucky! What did a water buffalo do wrong to die as opposed to any other buffalo?!

And what's even more funny is that these water buffaloes are supposed to be "inferior" to other beef , hence entitled good for nothing but be eaten by humans. I am not supporting slaughtering of cows or any such animal but I strongly oppose favoritism.
The so called Animal Preservation Act is in adherence to us humans. Because these animals are valuable to us, they are considered valuable and are being protected. But who are we to decide which animal should be killed and which should be spared a life. Who gave us the right to interfere with nature? Just because humans feel water buffalo is "inferior" to cow they get to be slaughtered?

Soon these bans will spread like wildfire and before we know every community and ethical group will try to protect the animal they think are sacred.Soon there would be clash of interest and before we know more bloods would flow then that of cows. I think as long as we proudly call ourselves secular country its a personal choice as to what one chooses to eat. Maybe cows don't deserved to be slaughtered but then the same goes with chicken, fish or any other animal on earth.

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